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    Hey Adel, Thanks for the Encouragement!

    Hey Adel, Thanks for the Encouragement!

    Hey Adel, thanks for the encouragement!

    During this time of hardship and uncertainty for everyone, we believe it's important to remember that we are a compassionate community and we are here to support each other. Covid-19 has affected all of us to varying degrees, but the economic consequences of social distancing and forced closures have devastated small businesses, especially those in our wonderful town. In order to see our neighbors succeed and to ensure that Adel continues to be the best destination for supporting locally owned businesses, we are producing Encourage Adel shirts and decals and sharing the profits with our neighbors in need.

    $10 of each shirt purchase and $5 of each window cling will go to the local business of your choosing.


    We will print orders and send donation payments to the businesses weekly.

    Please help our cause and support in any way you can. Even if you can't purchase, we encourage you to share the cause with your friends and family. Your support means the world, not only to us, but to everyone here trying to fulfill their dreams and running the best businesses in Adel.* #EncourageAdel

    *If you would like your business name added or removed from this list, please email us - damon@repiconic.com or suzanne@repiconic.com

    Iconic Individual - Alyson Gerlach

    Iconic Individual - Alyson Gerlach

    "Her positivity is infectious, and she consistently makes people around her better."

    Meet Alyson Gerlach, our Iconic Individual of the month. Despite some of life's most difficult challenges, Alyson refuses to cave to the pressure and instead has developed a "passion for leaving a positive impact on those I interact with...small gestures...hold the door, address others as ma'am and sir, greet others with a smile, and say 'please' and 'thank you'...would make our world a much better place."

    We couldn't agree more Alyson, thank you for all the passion and energy you bring to the world!


    Iconic Individual - Kaden Sutton

    Iconic Individual - Kaden Sutton

    "The thing that motivates me the most is that I can always be better. Every day I can get a little bit better so that motivates me a lot."

    Our first Iconic Individual of 2020 is Kaden Sutton. A few highlights from Kaden's nomination are: He is an amazing role model for younger kids. He volunteers his time and consistently stays late at practice to help out his teammates and coaches. He has this positive way that he goes through his life and it radiates through everything that he does. He has exceptional manners and is extremely humble. He has a work ethic that rivals anyone.

    Kaden, we are honored to have you as a member of our community. Thank you for being you.

    "Be happy and kind to people. Nobody is better then anybody else."